Carpet Cleaning FAQ's

Can you get every stain out?

We have a very sophisticated system and extensive knowledge of stain removal. The key to great results is identifying what caused the spot, and what type of fiber the spot is on. Different spots and fibers require different pH levels to restore the material without damaging it. “STAINS” are when the fiber of the carpet has been damaged. In these cases, the carpet must be repaired by a carpet or rug repair professional. We can most often identify these situations before we recommend a remedy.

Do you clean upholstery and furniture?

Absolutely! Our prices are listed on our online reservation system.

Do you move furniture when you clean carpet?

We move most furniture except for beds, dressers, objects over 50 pounds, and anything with “knick knacks” or electronics on it. The care of your home and property in is woven deep in our company culture.

What are your prices?

All of our prices are listed in our online reservation system HERE. Certain projects require more information and you can call 313-731-0025 or email for more information.