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Professional Air Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning for your Home or Business

Air duct cleaning is necessary if you want to maintain a healthy indoor air quality in your home or business. Your family or employees may have allergies that need an environment that has good air quality. Cleaning your ducts improves indoor air quality and reduces lost productivity in the workplace due to illness.

Properly cleaning the ducts in your home is a grand and complex undertaking that requires specialized knowledge and specialized equipment. Cleaning the ducts in a commercial building or facility is even more complex and requires highly technical skills and knowledge.

Zeppelin’s team is properly trained, licensed and insured. Contact us to set up an appointment to create a custom duct cleaning proposal for your business or property.

"Unreal. Best customer service I have experienced in a long time. Accommodated my urgent needs. Did a great job. The personal touch in addition to a job well done will keep me recommending this company to anyone and everyone. We need more people and companies like you! Thank you Chris!"
Paul L, Metro Detroit, MI

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Why Choose Us For Your Air Duct Cleaning?

Powerful state-of-the-art equipment

Zeppelin uses the most powerful equipment to assure an
efficient and thorough cleaning.

Transparent, fair, flat-rate pricing

Our prices are competitive and up-front.

10+ years in business

Check out dozens of reviews from our community of satisfied customers right here!

    If you would like to schedule a professional air duct cleaning, get in touch with us today!

    Zeppelin Cleaning Services truck
    "They’ve cleaned everything from my business, to my home and air ducts and are always on time and professional and do a great job."
    Vina T., Metro Detroit, MI

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    Why choose us for your Commercial Air Duct Cleaning?

    Improve the indoor air quality for your employees.
    Protect IT & other sensitive tech equipment from gathering dust.
    Increase the efficiency of your HVAC & reduce your heating & cooling costs.
    Reduce & eliminate odors.
    Reduce absenteeism due to allergies or respiratory illness.
      Air duct

      Our Air Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning Process

      1. Our experienced duct cleaning technicians show up at your door. They introduce themselves and answer any questions you have about the cleaning process.
      2. Our technicians set up our state-of-the-art air duct cleaning truck. Our trucks are some of the most powerful in the world and are specifically designed to clean air ducts and dryer vents.
      3. We put on shoe covers and begin covering your supply and return vents. Covering the vents maximizes the power of the vacuum to ensure all dust, debris and allergens are removed.
      4. The technician creates access holes in your duct work. One access to the supply side of the system and another access to the return system. Our vacuum line is secured to each hole and the debris removal begins!
      5. While the incredibly powerful vacuum is attached to the duct work and sucking in air, our technicians use a host of specialized tools and techniques. This includes + 250 lbs of compressed air. This is used to dislodge and move the debris towards the vacuum and clean/brush the main trunk lines of the HVAC system.
      6. Your dryer vent line is cleaned using our incredibly powerful air compressor and specialized lint removal tool.
      7. Our technician will show you photos of your clean ducts. The covers are removed from the supply and return registers. Your access holes are properly and meticulously recovered.
      "Just finished with duct cleaning. Great service. Will be recommending their services to friends and will use them again."
      William M., Metro Detroit, MI

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      Dryer Vent Cleaning

      A dirty dryer vent line is a serious fire hazard and a common cause of house fires. Cleaning your lint trap is not enough. Lint build-up has been linked to over 15,000 house fires. Zeppelin using industrial strength air compressors and a variety of custom made attachments to ensure your dryer vents are clean and safe. Our specialized equipment also ensures your dryer vent is not damaged during the cleaning process. We recommend cleaning your dryer vent line at least annually. We can clean your dryer vent line the same day we clean your air ducts.

      Air duct