Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning

Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning

Air ducts are important for the overall flow of air throughout a home or building. They are put in place to connect a more complicated heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning system (or HVAC system) from the exterior to the interior and include a series of tubes with vents.

The HVAC is usually controlled by a thermostat and is designed to be an automatic system.

Unfortunately, with automated systems, the components of that system are often forgotten in the day-to-day focus of things. This means dirt, dust, and other grime can build up in an air duct system just as easily as other parts of the house.

A dirty air duct system can actually cause quite a few issues, and regular cleaning and changing of filters is necessary to keep things clean and functioning. Benefits of a clean air duct system include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Better air quality
  • Better air flow, which reduces smells
  • Reduction of particles in the air, including allergens
  • Energy savings by lessening the wear and tear of the HVAC system

Other Information You Should Probably Know About Air Ducts

Air ducts are part of an HVAC’s closed-loop system. They are hollow metal tubes that run throughout a building that support the HVAC system in controlling temperature and the purity of air in an inside space. There is a main duct usually in the wall of a more open area of a building and then smaller ducts that run to each room or space, usually through the ceilings or the floor.

In a home or building, an intake is in place with a filter to pull air into the main duct, then to the HVAC unit where it is cooled or heated, and then sent back through the smaller ducts that branch out to multiple rooms. The newly cooled or heated air goes through vents in these rooms to cool down or heat up a space in the house or building.

Air Duct Attention

With any HVAC system, regular attention and maintenance are key to keeping air flowing smoothly and at the right temperature throughout a home or building. Air ducts are a part of that system, so regular attention and maintenance apply to them too.

Certain parts of the system, like intake air filters, for example, are designed to be replaced every one month or three months (it even says so right on the packaging and the filter itself). Other parts like the air ducts do not need monthly attention, but they should be cleaned every few years.

If you have never cleaned your air ducts or are a new home or business owner and do not know the state of your air ducts, it is recommended to schedule a professional cleaning right away. After your first initial clean, talk to your cleaning service about regular and recurring scheduled cleaning services.

Our team suggests air duct cleaning at least every three years.

However, based on the size of your home or building and other components such as pollutants in the area, pets, or construction projects, air ducts might need to be cleaned more often. Regular air duct cleaning is also extremely beneficial in a household with family members suffering from ongoing allergies or respiratory irritations.

The cleaning of air ducts also involves the cleaning of vents, which all help prevent the spread of dust and particles. While it is rare, air ducts can also house mold and mildew, especially if there is a larger sealing or humidity issue in the building. Regular cleaning prevents the build up of anything like this and stops the flow of irritants from being spread through the interior of a home or office complex.

Dirty air ducts also directly impact the filter system in place, causing unnecessary build up and clogs. Dirty filters restrict the flow of air and actually make an HVAC unit work harder. Cool or hot air has difficulty passing through correctly, and in turn, the space needing heating or cooling is not comfortable. HVAC units have a lot of moving pieces, so any additional wear and tear is never good, and repairs to the larger system can be quite expensive. With air filters being switched out monthly or every three months, hopefully, this is not an issue, but it’s worth the warning.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

At Zeppelin Cleaning Services, we’ve been serving the home and business owners for over 13 years. Let our team of professional and skilled technicians improve the air quality of your home or business by scheduling routine air duct cleaning.

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