Carpet Cleaning Equipment Rental vs. Hiring a Local Carpet Cleaner: The Pros and Cons from an Expert

Are you wrestling with carpet cleaning equipment rental vs. hiring a local carpet cleaner? Your carpets are the silent defenders of your home. They act as a whole home air filter, trapping allergens and pollutants…AND proving that hard surface flooring isn’t necessarily the healthier choice. But, even the toughest carpets need a little love to avoid turning into germ breeding grounds. So, when it’s time to clean your carpets: should you roll up your sleeves and rent a carpet cleaning machine, or summon the pros?

Renting Carpet Cleaning Equipment


  • Cost-Effective: The price tag of renting equipment will be lower than hiring a local carpet cleaner. But keep in mind. you must purchase the chemicals, pay the daily rental fee (and additional fees when you forget to take it back), PLUS, how much is your time worth?
  • Convenience: Renting gives you the freedom to clean at your own pace, want to clean at midnight – you got it!  Remember, the time spent deciphering suitable cleaning products and mastering the machine might throw a wrench in that convenience and keep you up until dawn. Flexibility is cool, but wrestling with carpet-cleaning chemistry textbooks wasn’t on your schedule, was it?
  • Control Over Cleaning Products: You have the freedom to choose cleaning products, some carpet cleaning companies use cheap, harsh and non-environmentally friendly chemicals.  It’s important to note, without the right knowledge, there’s a risk of turning your carpet into a mad scientist’s experiment. They say control is power, but without a PhD in carpetology, your carpet might end up with an identity crisis.


  • Labor-Intensive: Operating a carpet cleaning machine can feel like a workout. Moving furniture, handling the heavy machine – it’s all part of the DIY carpet cardio. Feeling like Hercules moving furniture? Well, at least your carpet isn’t asking for a gym membership.
  • Learning Curve: Using a carpet cleaning machine requires a learning curve. Without experience, you might turn your living room into a water park, unintentionally. Mistakes happen, but turning your living room into a DIY water world wasn’t exactly the plan, was it?
  • Risk of Damage: Novice carpet cleaning might lead to unintended consequences. There’s a real chance of destroying your carpet, and the cost of replacement could outweigh the savings. Saving money is great, but not if your carpet ends up needing a premature retirement party.

Carpet Equipment Rental Options: 

Hiring a Local Carpet Cleaning Company


  • Professional Expertise: Carpet cleaning companies are armed with pros who understand the science of cleaning products and different carpet fibers. It’s like having a superhero squad for your floors, minus the capes. Good companies hire technicians with certifications and invest heavily into their training and education. 
  • Time-Saving: Sure, hiring a carpet cleaner may cost a bit more, but it doesn’t factor in the time spent playing DIY carpet hero when you rent equipment. Let the pros handle the heavy lifting while you enjoy life. Is cleaning carpet the highest and best use of your time? Time is money, and deciphering carpet hieroglyphics isn’t exactly a productive investment. Let the pros do their thing while you kick back.
  • Effective Deep Cleaning: The hot water extraction method is like a spa day for your carpets—hot water, expert care, and emerging fresher than ever. Who knew carpets could have a day at the spa? Proper hot water extraction requires equipment that can cost up to $100,000. Inexpensive rental equipment does not heat the water up enough, supply enough pressure or have enough vacuum suction to ultimately properly remove the chemicals, debris and dirt. 
Equipment used by professional carpet cleaners, a consideration when thinking about carpet cleaning equipment rental vs. hiring a local carpet cleaner.

Hot water extraction carpet cleaning equipment


  • Higher Cost: Professional carpet cleaning services come with a higher price tag. Properly trained technicians, high end equipment and a business infrastructure have costs associated with them. 
  • Scheduling Challenges: Coordinating with a carpet cleaning company’s schedule can sometimes be tricky if you have a busy life. Getting your carpets cleaned at midnight is an unlikely option! 

When it comes to investing in carpet cleaning equipment rental vs. hiring a local carpet cleaner, it depends on your situation. If saving money and earning that sweat equity is your thing, rent away. But, if you’re all about pro-level care, time savings, and carpets that feel like they’ve been to a spa, then summoning the experts might just be the winning move. 

After all, a clean and healthy home is the real treasure at the end of the carpet-cleaning rainbow. If you’ve decided to go the professional route, schedule your carpet cleaning with Zeppelin today and let your carpets sparkle.

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