How Does Zeppelin’s Carpet Cleaning Process Work?

You may be asking yourself how our professional carpet cleaning process works. Zeppelin Cleaning Services utilizes the hot water extraction method to thoroughly clean and sanitize carpets. Also known as steam cleaning, it involves several key steps to ensure thorough dirt and stain removal. 

Pre-Inspection and Pre-Treatment

Before starting the hot water extraction process, a thorough inspection of the carpet is conducted to identify areas that require special attention. Next, a pre-spray solution is applied to the carpet. This solution typically contains a combination of water and a detergent or cleaning agent. This pre-spray helps break down and loosen dirt, grime, and stains embedded in the carpet fibers.

A carpet thoroughly cleaned using the the hot water extraction method, how Zeppelin's carpet cleaning works.


Agitation is often the next step after pre-spray. The carpet is agitated manually with a brush or mechanically with a carpet cleaning machine. This step helps distribute the cleaning solution evenly, allowing it to penetrate deeper into the carpet fibers and dislodge stubborn dirt and stains.

Dwell Time

Allowing the pre-spray solution to dwell on the carpet for a specified period is crucial. This allows the cleaning agents to react with and break down the contaminants, making them easier to remove during the extraction process.

Hot Water Extraction

The core of the hot water extraction process involves injecting hot water (not steam, despite the common term “steam cleaning”) and a cleaning solution into the carpet under high pressure. Simultaneously, a powerful vacuum extracts the solution along with loosened dirt, debris, and contaminants. The hot water helps to sanitize and thoroughly rinse the carpet fibers, leaving them cleaner and fresher.


Proper rinsing is essential to remove any remaining cleaning solution from the carpet. This step ensures that no residue is left behind, preventing re-soiling and maintaining a soft texture.


After extraction, the carpet needs adequate time to dry. Furniture and other items may be moved or placed on to foam blocks until the area is completely dry. 

Executing the hot water extraction method requires specialized equipment. A high-pressure hot water injection system, a powerful vacuum for efficient extraction, and often, professional-grade carpet cleaning machines with adjustable brushes or agitator ensure thorough cleaning. These technical components work in tandem to deliver precise water temperature, pressure, and suction. This maximizes the effectiveness of the cleaning process and achieves optimal results.

When researching how carpet cleaning works, you’ll see that there are a variety of methodologies. The hot water extraction process, however, is considered the most effective process for deep cleaning carpets, removing allergens, and rejuvenating the appearance of the carpet. It is a popular choice in both residential and commercial settings, especially when performed by trained and experienced professionals.

At Zeppelin Cleaning Services, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional carpet cleaning results through the hot water extraction method. With over 1,000 five-star Google reviews, our commitment to excellence is evident. Our dedicated team of IICRC trained technicians employs state-of-the-art equipment to ensure thorough cleaning. We stand behind our services with a satisfaction guarantee, providing our clients with confidence in the quality and effectiveness of our carpet cleaning processes. Book your carpet cleaning service today.

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Kathy Fuller

Zeppelin Cleaning Service is one of the best businesses I've dealt with in a long time. On-time, professional, friendly and knowledgeable. From my first interaction with them during scheduling to the actual cleaning service of Matt & Brad. Thank you for taking about 50 years of dust out of my air ducts of my new home.

Sally Spilos

Easy to make an appointment. Showed up early, did a fantastic job and were very professional. Reasonably priced as well. Would recommend for sure!!!!

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Fast. On time. Informative. Professional.

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I had my air ducts and dryer vent cleaned out recently. They were not only professional, but explained the process, and were very efficient and cleaned up afterwards. I am beyond satisfied and highly recommend Zeppelin.

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Very professional. This is my second time using them and I couldn't be more pleased! I recommend them to everyone!

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I had my air ducts and dryer vent cleaned out and the company is amazing. Matt and David are so kind and friendly, explained everything to me. Devon when calling to schedule my appointment was so professional and sweet. This company is fantastic and great prices. I give 5 stars and recommend there services.