Tips for Keeping Your Office Clean

Tips for Keeping Your Office Clean

As an office manager or business owner, having a clean and neat workspace is important not only for your employees but also for your customers.

In today’s environment, not only does keeping an office space clean prevent the spread of germs, but it also shows people that safety and sanitation are top priorities for the company. A clean office is also more inviting to clients, customers, and patients and gives off the impression that a company is organized and well run.

While many companies outsource their deep-clean and recurring nightly janitorial services to companies like us Zeppelin Cleaning Services, encouraging staff to keep a clean office environment in general is a great best practice. It puts healthy work habits in place, gives employees a sense of pride and ownership in their workplace, and prevents day-to-day annoyances and distractions from popping up. This also ensures ongoing attention to cleanliness throughout the day.

Tips & Tricks

While keeping an office clean and tidy sounds like a simple thing to do, it is definitely a full-employee, group effort. It’s surprisingly easy for a person’s desk or space to get dirty or unkempt throughout the workday, so we’ve put together some of our favorite tips and tricks to support this process:

1. Have simple cleaning supplies on hand for staff at any time and have a system for inventory. This can include household brooms and dustpans, Swiffers or mop/wet clean-up options, antibacterial wipes or bleach wipes, Windex, paper towels, dusting spray, air spray for tech equipment, sponges, and dish soap. This way, if a spill occurs or a mess happens, employees can take ownership and address the issue immediately. These supplies should be easily accessible, organized, and regularly replenished, and use should be encouraged.

2. Have a designated eating and food prep/storage area for staff in a kitchen or break room. This discourages employees from eating and storing food at their desk or workspace. Food around computer equipment and work documents is a recipe for disaster and can cause mold and pests. Having a single area in the office keeps food waste/trash contained as well and keeps smells from a microwave contained.

3. As a piggyback to #2, setting cleaning guidelines for a shared space like a kitchen is also a great tip. For example, having a posting regarding refrigerator cleanout at the end of the workweek and designating someone to throw away anything not claimed. This keeps a shared refrigerator from being overfilled, leftovers accumulating, and food from spoiling/smelling. Another example is guidelines and expectations for dishes, both cleaning them and who is responsible for putting them away.

4. Have enough trash cans and recycling bins located around the office. Humans have the tendency to be a little lazy if something is not easily accessible. Ensuring an adequate number of waste containers not only supports a tidy workspace but also keeps trash from piling up and supports recycling/environmentally friendly programs and initiatives.

5. Have hand soap, hand sanitizer, and paper towels readily available and replenished to encourage healthy hand-washing habits.

6. Make tidying up a space a daily habit with staff with guidelines/expectations and set up rotating, shared office chores to support cleanliness. This might look as simple as “before you leave work for the day, please make sure x, y, and z” and “each Monday, this person is responsible for dusting the main lobby, and this person is responsible for tidying up the copy room.”

7. Actually assign daily cleaning tasks to staff members if there is an area that needs constant attention. For example, an office might need someone to spot check and vacuum throughout the day, every day if there is a high foot traffic area like a lobby or reception area. Another example is assigning someone to own the coffee station, not only keeping it tidy and sanitary but also well stocked as well.

8. Hire a professional service to address outside areas like exterior windows to keep storefronts looking inviting.

9. Hire a professional service to address carpet and fabric throughout the year. This will prevent dirt and stains from building up and contribute to the lifespan of an office’s furniture and carpet. Not to mention, it keeps common areas looking clean and fresh for customers.

10. Control cords. This might include purchasing zip ties or cord savers to keep multiple cords bound together, taping down cords, or even hiding them. This not only helps with unnecessary clutter but also prevents safety issues like tripping from occurring.

11. And last, but certainly not least, recognize and thank staff for contributing to the office cleanliness!

We Know a Thing or Two About Cleaning

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