How To Choose An Air Duct Cleaning Company?

Cleaning your vents and air ducts is the most important part of maintaining excellent indoor air quality. Choosing the right company to provide this service makes all the difference. Cleaning air ducts is a complicated and technical process that should only be performed by experienced professionals and licensed companies. We’ve compiled the most important questions to ask when choosing your local air
duct cleaning company.

What type of equipment?

The best air duct cleaning companies use truck mounted equipment. Small portable air duct cleaners are not sufficient to properly clean your home’s ducts.

Are you insured?

Are you insured?

Do you have workers compensation coverage?

Will you contact me when you are on your way?

You don’t want to sit around all day waiting for the company to show up.

Are you licensed (the state of Michigan requires air duct cleaning companies to hold a category 3 mechanical license)?

Have you performed background checks on your employees?

Is this a flat-fee? Are there hidden fees or surcharges?

Do you also do dryer vent cleaning?

Dirty dryer vents are a serious fire risk. Having dryer vents cleaned annually is vital.

Vetting checklist:

  • Check their reviews on Google and Facebook.
  • Visit their website and Facebook page and look for actual photos of their equipment.
  • Ask them for references and call/email the references.

If you are located in metro Detroit and in need of a reputable and trustworthy air duct cleaning & dryer vent cleaning please call  Zeppelin Cleaning Services. We have all these bases covered. We can be reached at 313-731-0025 or visit our website at to learn more.